‘Heysss!!!’ I hissed, my anger slowly simmering and my fists clenched
Glass guy turned around looking for the source of the sound to confirm if he was the ‘heyss’ called, a look of suspicion on his face.

‘Who carried my Cornflakes?’ I asked him, my tone very accusing.

In fact, the question was just a formality, he’d already been tried and sentenced in my mind, I didn’t even care anymore about the cornflakes, I was just itching to mete out his punishment.

A look of puzzlement on his face, he raised one of his eyebrow (how he could do that was beyond me) and glared at me.


I wasn’t backing down. Not today.

‘See, no jokes here ooh, if you are playing with me better stop it.’ I warned him, trying to glare even harder.

‘Bring out my cornflakes’ I commanded.

One of us was definitely going to be severely beaten today and it wasn’t me.

‘Which cornflakes now ooh?’ He chuckled as though I’d just cracked a joke.

My anger went up a notch.

‘I am now a comedian now abi. Are you mad?’ I shouted as I raised my clenched fist until I heard a somewhat familiar voice shouting my name.

I turned only to see Philip. I’d have to postpone the fight as I didn’t want any witnesses in case I lost the fight.

He’d already deduced what was about to happen as he was walking very briskly towards us.

‘What happen Donald?’ Philip asked as he came to a halt between us to prevent us from fighting. (It occurred to me that I’d never really known Glass-guy’s name. in fact, I was shocked Philip knew his name)

‘I don’t know o’, Donald retorted, ‘your friend just suddenly came accusing me of one cornflakes I know nothing of’.

Philip turned to me ‘what happened?’

‘Don’t worry’, I replied ‘we will talk later’.

I was starting to get a little confused about the whole matter.

If it wasn’t Donald, then who was it?

I knew he would have gladly admitted it if he was the one if only to taunt me and besides he was looking for a reason to fight me.

We left Donald as we quickly made our way to class behind as it was already 4:10pm.

‘John better walk fast, we have Mr. Festus now’ Philip warned as he quickened his pace while I hurriedly tried to keep up.

Soon we were in front of our green and white painted class room with a sticker of JSS1A on the door, some of my classmates were already inside.

Some were chatting while the others were reading.

I walked up to my seat trying to brush off thoughts of Donald and my cornflakes from my mind while I also brought out my New General Mathematics textbook out alongside my personal study notebook. I needed to be serious with my studies in this academy if I really want to come out as the best.

I quickly looked around for Donald only to see him seated with a straight face and his New General Mathematics textbook opened in front of him while his placed his left hand on his cheek and on his right hand a Biro(How the hell did he get set before me?)

I immediately tried to focus on my mathematics text not minding those chattering and making noise.

Soon, a woman smartly dressed in her old fashioned brown skirt and blouse matched with old brown shoes walked in as everyone hurried to their seating positions.

I was stunned when I realized the woman was Mrs. Deborah, the Senior Boarding House Mistress. Was she supposed to be our English or Basic Technology teacher? My eyes narrowed in confusion as I packed my mathematics books off my desk while I brought out both my English and Basic Technology textbooks.

‘Who were those making noise?’ She broke the sudden silence as she gesticulated angrily.

‘Who is the class captain?’ She growled.

‘I am the one ma’ Danjuma answered in a small panicky voice as he stood up slowly.

‘Where’s the list of noise makers?’ She asked him in a tone which sent shock down my spine as I fervently hoped my name wasn’t on the list of noise makers.

‘I didn’t know I was to write any list ma’ Danjuma said, trembling visibly as he avoided her gaze.

‘You didn’t know what?’ She bellowed.

‘So, you don’t know your duties as the Class captain, I will definitely speak with Mr. Victor’ She snapped.

‘Will you write me a list of noise makers now or…?’ She shouted, the veins on her neck visible.

‘OK ma’ Danjuma’s eyes narrowed.

‘I don’t want to hear pim, do you all understand? I am in the next class and if I hear anything again, I will thrash you all soundly’, she warned then strutted out of the class.

As soon as she was outside, a whistle sound went across the silent class.

‘I am writing names of noise makers now ooh’, Danjuma announced.

Another whistle went through again after which Kunle laughed hysterically.

‘Names of noise maker ko, noise maker of names nii’ He said letting out another whistle.

‘No 1, Kunle’ Danjuma announced, a look of anger on his face.

Immediately the bell rang, we all shouted joyfully as Mrs. Deborah had not come to come to collect the list of noise makers.

My name, Philip’s, Bimpe and five others had managed to get into the list not even for noise making but because we’d gone outside the class.

I was livid.


Hours rolled into days and it was Wednesday.

I woke up to the sound of the bell at exactly 5:02am

I was excitedly anticipating my interview into the press club and I had even dreamt the previous night that I was being interviewed by Ajao Kabir, the press club president alongside a lady whose face I couldn’t recognize.

Sadly, I woke up as they were about to announce the results.

I quickly said my prayers, brushed my teeth and took my bath quickly so as not to be locked out of the dining hall again.

By 6:50am, I was ready for class as I strapped my brown khaki school bag across my back, then made my way towards the dining hall and by 7:15am, the food prefect rang the bell while we stood up in unison, I was already used to it and all my rebellious tendencies had even reduced with time.

‘For the food we are about to eat we thank you oh Lord’

‘Amen’ we chorused as we sat down to our meal of bread, egg and watery tea.


‘Who is sweeping today?’ Musa Bimpe shouted, her left hand akimbo as she scanned the sweeping roaster pasted on the wall beside the white board.

‘Ayodele John, Bello Fatima,…’ she called out.

I remained on my seat as though I hadn’t heard her while the others stood.

‘John’ Bimpe shouted. ‘Today is Wednesday, and you are sweeping!’

‘I know’ I replied in a cold tone.

I didn’t see why I should bother sweeping as the others had almost finished and the class was looking quite neat.

‘I will report you ooh’ she threatened.

‘Report me nah’ I replied with a sigh of irritation.

‘Danjuma, John does not want to sweep ooh’ she reported to Danjuma.

‘So it’s Danjuma you want to report me to?’ I asked, a devilish grin on my face.

‘John, others have already finished sweeping, please just pack the rest’ He said simply as I wondered what had come over him today.

Mr. Victor entered the class as I immediately hurried to pack the refuse gathered at one corner of the class while everyone else stood.

‘Upstand greet’.

‘Good morning sir’.

‘Good morning’, He said calmly.

‘Class captain, I hope no one is giving you issues.’ He asked in his deep baritone voice.

I glanced quickly at Bimpe, a pleading look on my face.

She was staring at me, I could see she was about to report me.

In fact, she looked eager to.


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‘…ten, eleven and twelve.’ Mr. Victor counted my votes, with his eyes roving round the class.
‘Okay, 12 votes for Ayodele John’ he announced, a secretive smile drawn across his face.

‘Was I winning?’, I wondered.

‘Okay, if you are for Danjuma Joseph raise up your hand’

I looked around anxiously as quite a lot hands went up.

‘One, two, three, four…’

‘…Ten, eleven, twelve…’ It seemed as though he was done counting until I saw glass guy with a mischievous smile on his small face as he raised his hand slowly. ‘And thirteen!’ Mr. Victor made the last count.

I’d lost.

Glass guy again?

The battle-line had just been officially and publicly drawn.

Even if I’d decided to forgive his previous sins, I couldn’t let go of this.

He just had to pay.

I was brought out of my reverie by Mr. Victor’s hoarse voice, ‘now for the assistant…’

“If you are for voting for Musa Bimpe, raise up your hand” Mr. Victor announced

Practically half the class and all the boys raised their hands, myself inclusive.

She was quite pretty and it was very obvious we were vying for her attentions.

‘One, two,…… nineteen, twenty.’

‘So, if you are for Adewoye Aishat, raise up your hand.

Just five persons raised their hands. Yeah, being beautiful definitely had its advantages.

Mr. Victor announced Danjuma Joseph as the class captain and Musa Bimpe, the assistant after which he took them outside for a brief meeting.

‘You both are responsible for anything in the class. If anything goes wrong, I will hold you both responsible.’ Mr. Victor said gravely as a do-you-understand-me grin drew across his lips.

‘You both will also make a sweeping roaster, and anyone who refuses to sweep should be reported to me’ He added and then signaled to Danjuma to follow him as he left.


‘Ehen…So you people are already training to be bad boys abi? Who are those fighting?’ Mr. Festus entered the class, his horse whip dangling from his left hand as everyone soon arranged back into position.

‘Hehe…’He forced out a chuckle, ‘your seniors have started training you to be criminals too’.

‘I said who were those fighting? I will flog you all ten times each and I won’t be tired’ he boasted with his whip still dangling from his hand, the sight of which sent shivers down my spine.

The man was definitely the devil incarnate.

Phil and Glass guy looking ruffled and very scared stood up.

‘We are the ones sir’, they chorused in unison.

My heart went out to Phil as I hoped he won’t be lashed with the Koboko as I was sure he couldn’t ‘dust’, Glass guy could rot in hell for all I cared.

‘Why were you fighting, you these small things. You didn’t want to talk before abi?’

‘Oya give me your father’s number, you both’ He threatened to call their parents as he brought out a jotter and asked them to write their parents numbers.

‘If I get you fighting again. I will deal with you severely. He gave them a quick lash of Koboko on their back and ordered them back to their seats.

‘You all should be of good behavior ooh, if you want to remain in this academy. We don’t train rogues here.

‘Now to business, I would be taking you Basic Technology and I don’t tolerate nonsense in my class’ he declared.


I hurriedly left the dining hall after lunch, with my stomach justifiably rumbling after eating the meagre plate of food that would insult even my younger siblings not to talk of my big self.

It was more of a stomach adjustment program and I wasn’t having any of it as I headed to the hostel to take corn flakes to add up to the little rice and beans I had eaten.

I opened my locker with its accompanying creaking sound; my eyes brows raised in shock as I realized corn flakes wasn’t in the position I’d kept it anymore.

I mentally placed a hand on my chest to calm myself as I searched other parts of my locker to no avail.

My corn flakes was gone.

Tears built up in my eyes as I helplessly made my way to Senior James’ room to report my stolen Corn flakes.

‘What will I eat now?’ I thought, ‘Just garri?’

‘Kpom kpom kpom’, I knocked on Senior James’ room; ‘Who is there?’ an unfamiliar deep baritone voice asked. I hesitated.

‘Come in’ the voice continued.

I opened the door to see Senior James and Soma working on something which at that point was of no interest to me.

It was probably an assignment as they had two textbooks with CHEMISTRY printed on it on the floor around them while they wrote.

‘John, what is it?’ Senior James asked as he rose.

‘They have stolen my cornflakes.’ I blurted as I tried hard to fight back the tears.

‘Who?’ He asked as though I knew the person who stole it.

‘Okay, don’t worry we will fish out the person who stole it.’ Soma interfered, sounding reassuring.

‘I will assemble everyone now’ He announced as he dashed out with his fists balled.

‘Don’t worry you will find your corn flakes.’ He said patting me on the back with his right hand.


‘Yellow house boy assemble in front of Soma’s room.’ Different voices chanted, not knowing what laid in wait.

Soon everyone were all assembled in front of Soma’s room seated on the bare terrazzo floor while I stood behind Soma, my face red.

‘Person ‘Vap’ for this Hostel!!!’ Soma shouted as though someone had committed the worst abomination he could think of.

‘Who vap provs?’ he bellowed, looking positively livid

‘All SS2 Students stand up, this cornflakes stolen must be found before tomorrow ooh’



My eyes still teary, I went back to my locker to be sure that my remaining provisions were still in place.

Lo and behold, I opened my tin of milk only to see it filled with stones.

Who could have done this to me?

I had only one suspect.

In anger mixed with anguish I walked up to Senior James to tell him about the milk too.

‘Whattt??!!!’ he exclaimed, ‘Did you offend any senior?’

‘Who do you suspect?’

Senior James kept quizzing me as I stood trying and failing to fight back the tears.

I wasn’t sure it was the glass guy yet, so I just kept my peace.


Soon it was time for extra lessons, Senior James had given me some of his corn flakes to eat, so I was sated for the time being.

I quickly rushed-buttoned my checkered shirt and pulled up my trousers as I made my way out of the hostel as chants of ‘Run out Yellow house boys’ filled the air.

Raising my gaze, I saw Glass guy.


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‘Awwwmmm’ I yawned, widening my mouth to its full width as I rubbed the sleep off my eyes, surprised to find my watch on my wrist that early. I must have slept off with it. The time was 5:47am and I needed to be ready by 7am or I would miss breakfast.

I quickly mumbled my prayers, the excitement and anticipation of my first class building up somewhere in my head. As I climbed down the iron bunk ready to pick up my bucket of water under bunk, I was dumbfounded at the sight of pieces of my broken bucket and my water in dried patches all over the room.

‘Was someone after me in this school? How will I take my bath now?’ I thought out aloud, my voice inaudible and breaking all the same.

I tried to think of who could be responsible but the only person I could think of was glass-guy. I really needed to have a chat with him as soon as possible before he’d try to break something worse than buckets.

He was capable of it.

I just knew it.

A thought quickly crossed my mind to go see Senior James for a bucket of water which I quickly waved off. He’d given me a bucket just yesterday and I didn’t want to seem a crybaby.

I picked up my ten-liter blue jerry-can and hurried to the borehole before it got crowded.

I was gleaming when I got there as there were just three people before me, this wasn’t going to take too long.

‘Guy, it’s your turn’ a tall lanky senior beckoned on me to come and fetch my water as his bucket was full. I hurriedly filled my bucket and then rushed to take my bath.


It was soon 7am. I ran down to the dining hall looking rough, as I rush-buttoned my shirts with my hair uncombed.

‘John!!!’ I heard a very familiar voice call my name immediately I got to the dining hall. My shirt was buttoned now, but still untucked.

“Phil! So you are here too” I hollered with mock astonishment, as I looked around to see about twenty students standing outside the locked dining hall.

He grinned.

‘No, I am inside’, a savage look on his face and his hands in his pockets.

‘So wetin go happen now, we no go chop?’ I fretted.

‘Make shit no happen ooh, them gas open the door ooh, abeg ooh’ Phil replied, his warri accent thick.

‘Phi-…’ I was soon cut off by the door’s creaking sound as an elderly woman came out.

‘Why did you come late’ She asked no one in particular with her voice soft in admonishment

‘Next time don’t come late again ooh,’ She said, beckoning on us to come inside for our breakfast. A huge sigh of relief slipped past my lips, I couldn’t miss breakfast as I’d feel dizzy in class.


After a few minutes of waiting in the assembly hall, the principal strode into the assembly alongside his teaching staff, then the beatings of the drums increased.

‘The national anthem’ Mr. Festus shouted into the microphone as the speakers echoed.

‘ARISE…’ We sang the national anthem and afterwards said the prayers which was led by the religious prefects.

‘Good morning students’ He bellowed cheerfully as the teachers sat down gracefully on seats prepared for them on the podium.

‘How are you all doing? I hope none of the JSS1 students was bullied during the weekend’ He asked, a look of concern on his face to which we chorused a ‘Yessir!’

“Okay, the Press” He announced as two senior students, a Male and a female smartly dressed climbed up the stage, and made their way to the seats prepared for them.

I closed my eyes while I imagined myself as the male student, smartly dressed in my well-ironed uniform and all eyes staring expectantly at me.

It really felt nice.

‘On the news today, I am Akindele Isaac and with me here is…’ The male presenter spoke in a clear silky voice while I was brought out of my reverie.

‘Bukola Precious.’

‘On the news today:

¶ Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie wins award.

¶ 20 year old Whizkid emerges best student in UniIbadan.

¶ 10 killed in unending Crises in the north….’ His British intonation got me mesmerizing, I was awed and I really wanted to join the press club.

‘…If you want to join the press club, send your applications to the Press Club editor on Wednesday during the period stipulated for Clubs and Societies’ The female presenter announced after a recap of the news headlines.

This was definitely my chance to join the press club.

‘Hello Students’ Mr. Principal greeted again, his smile telling us he had positive news to deliver.

‘Our Academy remains top among other Federal schools even in terms of promotions of our staff. About 30 teachers were promoted in our Academy including myself!’ He announced which was followed by thunderous clapping.

‘Also we remain number one in the Unity Colleges ranking in both WAEC and NECO exams’ His excitement was contagious.

Alas, the assembly wasn’t to end without a little theatrics and slowly the smile on his face vanished as his forehead furrowed.

He firmly gripped the edges of the pulpit and announced; ‘from the proceedings of the disciplinary committee, Mustapha Kpangolo has been deboarded’

He paused as shock and silence filled the assembly hall.

‘This should serve as a warning to you to stop bullying these young ones’ He said in simple directness as he pointed toward the JSS1 line.

‘This marks the end of today’s assembly, the school anthem!’ He roared into the microphone.

‘FEDACAD the Home of great talent…’ We all recited the anthem somewhat mindlessly yet with joy and pride.

I wasn’t just John, I was gifted and talented.

Soon, we marched to our new classes ‘scattered’ around with Mrs. Umaru, our Year-head leading us.

I couldn’t contain my excitement as I galloped down to class.

‘So this is your block of classes, you can all move to your individual classes as noted in your admission letter’

Phil and I were in JSS1 A, so we made our way to the first class on the block.

‘John!!! See’ Phil called my attention to glass guy entering JSS1A. I was definitely going to show him in this class.


‘Upstand greet’

‘Good morning ma’

‘Good morning students, how are doing today? You can sit down’

‘I am Mrs. Aboyeji, your mathematics teacher. I don’t tolerate noisemaking in my class so if you want to ask a question, you can always raise up your hand.

Do you understand?’

‘Yes ma!!!’ We all chorused in unison as though it was planned.

‘I will be teaching you whole numbers and place value’ she announced to my amazement.

‘Primary school work again?’ I thought.

‘I hope you have all gotten your notebooks from the book store, now bring out your notes and biros’

She said as she walked up the white board then wrote the date on the side of the board, with ‘Mathematics’ centrally and boldly written, and ‘Place Value and Whole numbers’ underneath.

Soon she explained multiple examples and then gave us classwork which turned out to be homework as the ‘next period’ bell rang immediately ushering in the next subject teacher.

A dark skinned, heavily built man in glasses entered.

‘Upstand greet’

‘Good morning sir’

‘Good morning students. I am Mr. Victor and I am your form teacher, I hope you are enjoying yourselves.’


‘First things first, we will pick a Class Captain and an assistant.’

‘So nominations? Who do you want to be your class captain and assistant?’

We barely knew ourselves so I wondered how that was going to work out but I was soon shocked when I heard Phil yelp, ‘Ayodele John sir!!!’

Then I heard another person howl, ‘Danjuma Joseph!’

‘What about Assistant class captain? Mr. Victor asked.

Adewoye Aishat and Musa Bimpe were nominated.

‘Now let’s vote, if you are for Ayodele John, raise up your hand’ Mr. Victor announced.

‘Okay, one, two…’ Mr. Victor counted.


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Blalock Writes.

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One of the first few things that you experience on your entry into any Unity College is that you just got an entry into a treasure trove of stories. Stories of past seniors, myths, what each teacher is like, what the school was like a few years ago, the most brilliant students in the school and a whole lot more. These stories, as beautiful as they are however, are limited in their experience because such is the stuff of information passed from one person to another via speech. Think Chinese whispers.

Its why I think the Diaries of an African Collegian is a laudable project. It freezes a collection of stories, experiences, journeys in time so that everyone who comes in contact with the material decades from today can not only experience the stories originally, they can also be inspired to tell their own stories.

If you attended any Federal Unity School, you can relate with most of the stories and if you didn’t, you will find laughter and pain and regret and happiness and delight just reading these stories.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Review By Bolu Akindele.

Bolu Akindele is a writer, and journalist exploring development, social justice and religion. He graduated from Federal Government College Ilorin in 2013.

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