I was quite indecisive about celebrating my blogiversarry last year until the buzz of my friends got me and yeah we celebrated. Must be nice it’s happening again.

Woke up wondering why I needed to celebrate, gone five months without creating a complete creation with every single plan I make getting crumpled by my ever exhausting exams. I’ll sit to schedule my writing plan only to have to reschedule over and over again.

But taking a quick reflection of how the last 365 days’ of fiction blogging actually panned I really can’t be more than grateful.

Got nominated for an Award, blogged Tolani off till completion (promised y’all sequel, yeah?), wrote a number of short stories I never completed — hoping to complete and get y’all read real soon.

Yes, there’ve been multiple times I wanted to quit. Perhaps gone thrice than I actually wanted to do last year, but I somehow never do, so yeah, let’s celebrate!


I am so full of thanks to y’all who are always reading my stuff, leaving up comments and sharing my links around. Y’all are the real MVPs! You actually make me want to do more.
Yes, and those beautiful texts, Twitter tags and mails I get from random persons, Holy Christ! I am more than grateful.

To my writing teachers, ones I’ve gotten a personal relationship with and those I’ve only being able to steal stuff off their writings, recorded lectures and interviews, Thank you! I owe you all a bunch.

My folks who are always there to witness my creative process. Thank you so much for being so hyper about your bro.

My Parents, and my brothers. Omo. I am really out words right now. I must be the most lucky writer outchea.

I really can’t mention everyone. Faith Hinmikaiye, Deborah Aboyeji, Emmanuel Oyinloye, Goodness Adegbola, Nifemi, Nworie Walter, Pat Ashinze, Charles Precious, King Davey, Emmanuel Onimisi, Lord Josh, Mary Bamidele, Peace Olanrewaju, Dr Victoria Adeniji and everyone I forgot to mention, thank you so much.


Working on quite a number of projects. In the process of completing Tolani’s sequel, about three short stories and yeah a script — perhaps my first to go on screen!

Thank you all for being with me this long, I hope you stay longer too. I know it ain’t going to be anyway easier but having you around’s definitely going make it less wearisome. ❤️

Blalock Writes.


Ouuuu! It’s TOLANI O’CLOCK!💃💃

A little late. Another blockbuster!🔥

Here you have it. TOLANI — EPISODE 30!

New here? Here’s a link to Episode 1.


“Hey Babe!” Tolani said into the phone as she inspected her fingernails.

“Babe, what’s up?” Chinyere replied in a friendly manner. She was in for some plentiful heart warming gist.

“I am good oh, nothing much” She said, “What about you?”

“I am good too!” Chinyere said, tucking a lock of hair under her ears, “You sound like you’re hiding gist from me”

“What’s wrong with you Chi? Which gist now”

“This babe, you’re beginning to be secretive with me” She said in a chiding manner, “So what’s up with your Kayode?”

Smoothening her skirt, she giggled, as a corner of her lips quirked up, “Which my Kayode?”

“Tolani, talk joor. There’s something” She laughed.

“Okay, not exactly about Kayode, but Kemi invited me to dinner with her family”

“Oshey! I knew it, you were hiding something. I will knock you when next I see you oh”

“What’s wrong with you this woman? What’s special about it?”

“Oshey, you wan dey form.” Chinyere laughed, “Don’t lie, you like him small”

“Chinyere, abeg I don’t like it oh”

“But he likes you now” She threw back her head and lets out a loud humorous laugh.

“Chinyere, what exactly is wrong with you?” Tolani asked.

Her eyes crinkling at the corners as she laughs, she said, “Were you doubting my gift of prophecy initially?”

“Na you sabi sha”

“Sha give me updates on how the dinner goes, tell me if he proposes too.” Chinyere said in a friendly manner.

She begins to chuckle, “Propose how? Chinyere please stop all these jokes now.”

“I would sha remind you of this day when you folks are finally together.”

“Be dreaming, someone you don’t even know.”

“When the when comes, trust me not to forget to remind you sha” Chinyere said in a casual tone, “So my own gist, something happened yesterday oh. You might want to guess.”

Chuckling as she was caught off by suspense, “What is it now?”

“So I think you know this my Segun friend”

“Yup, your new boyfriend you’re always hiding from me” Her upper lip curled, “So he finally proposed?”

“Get away joor. I am not even telling you the gist again”

“I am sorry nowww” Tolani wheedled, “You also do it now”

Smirking, she said, “So he sent me this mail oh, where he expressed his love for me m and said he wanted us to take it further seeing where it leads and hopefully get to spend the rest of his life with me”

“Awwwn! Formal proposal, so sweetttt.”

“Proposition ni.”

“Story ni gbogbo yen o. You like him already now? So have you replied the mail?”

“Go away joor. When did I tell you I like him? I haven’t sha. But you know something, we met afterwards this morning and he didn’t say anything about it.”

“So you want him to repropose? Alaye, reply the mail joor.”

“I really don’t know what to reply him with? He obviously knows I like him back.”

“Woman, reply the mail. Tell him you feel same way too.” She said, “But do you love him?”

“Yes, I love him” She made a silly grin, laughing.

“Awwwn, I also want to Love oh”



Making a toss at dresses Chinyere had helped her select, Tolani prepared to go for dinner at the Kayode’s. She shuffled from one foot to the other admiring her figure on the mirror as she placed a hand on her chest, trying to calm the sudden swirl of anxiety that whirled her.
Just then, her phone rang as she grabbed it to see who it was to realise it to be Jerry. Oh, what does he want?

She slid the call as she held the phone to her ears, she said into the phone “Hello Jerry”

He replied in a voice soft with affection, “Hey Tolani, How are you?”

“I’m good! Trust you are too.” She replied in a level way.

“So how did today go?” He sipped some coke, as he closed his laptop.

Settling to a sit as she took a look at the wall-clock hanging off the wall, “Well, went fine, did a little writing, slept the most part of the day”

“Wow, beautiful!”

Chuckling, she said, “What’s beautiful about sleeping the most part of the day?”

“Cause, I really crave sleep at the moment. Been working on so much for the past few days. Besides that I imagined your beautiful face sleeping”

“Please Jerry.” She laughed, “So you’re a ‘work while you live’ person?”

“Abeggo” He protested, “I chill oh, just happened to be so at a time as this. Problem no dey finish for life abeg”


“So what’re you doing tonight?” He sounded serious.

Sliding on a guarded look as she wondered what he wanted that information for, she replied in a level way, “I’m going for dinner at a friend’s place”

“Oh, you didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend”

“Please Jerry. Need to go off to get ready so I don’t go late.”

“I’m sorry, erm…”

“Oh, it’s nothing, it’s good. Talk to you later.” She said as she cut off the call. This guy’s obviously some playboy with the plentiful know how on getting a girl. Chuckling, she thought, “He must have felt stupid for that”. Making a steeple of her fingers, she tried to snap those thoughts off her mind.

Suddenly peering at the pink dress stretched up in an hanger on her bed, she battered her lashes as her lips curved into a smile, she’d definitely pick that over the blue.


Hopping down the Okada, as he came to a halt in front of The Randy’s residence, she paid the bikeman, tucked her hand in her bag to pick her phone to call Kemi telling her she’s around.
Searching for Kemi’s contact on her phone book, she dialed her number, “Hello Kemi”

“Hello Tolani” She said in burgeoning excitement, “Are you around already?”

“Yes, I am” Tolani said in a voice riddled with affection.

“I’m coming outside right awayyyyy” She screamed in excitement as she came off the call, and jumping up her feet and strutting up the gate.

Turning the key in the lock as it made the unlocking sound, she opened the door and yelped out in excitement, “Tolaniii, you are so fineee”

“Awwwn, thank youu” She replied hugging herself feeling as though she were floating.

“Thank you for comingggg too!” She said holding her hand playfully as she led her into the house, “I’m really glad you made it”

“It’s my pleasure”

Strolling through the hallway into the sitting room, she settled to a sit as she starred at the 32 inched TV screen hanging off the wall opposite the long family chair, with the Greene’s series starring.

Yelping out in delight, she said, “Ouuu! So you also see Greene’s? It’s one of my favourites!”

“Oh, not me oh, it’s Bro Kay watching it” She said, “I’m not much of a fan of film series”

“Oh, wow, Mr Kayode?” She said in a level way, “Amazing!”

“Yes, Kayode” She said with a smile plastered across her face, “I think he’s out in his bedroom, just left here most definitely, cause I left him here before going to get you in”

“Bro Kayode!” She called him, shouting to mumbled, “I’m coming” repeated replies from his room.

Just then Kayode’s mum appeared out of the kitchen into the sitting room with an apron strapped across her brown laced gown.

“Aha, Tolani my dear. How are you?” She said in a voice soft with affection, “Kemi’s said so much about you, thank you for always”

Feeling awkward as her eyes darted, and shoulders slumped, she said, “I’m fine ma. Don’t mention it”

“But I have mentioned it already” She laughed to Tolani smiling, “So Kemi have you gotten her appetizers, while we get set for Dinner?”

“Not yet mum, she just arrived”

While they conversed, Kayode strolled in as he, in a voice with graceful simplicity, taking a mockful bow, said, “You are welcome to the Randys”

Giggling she replied, “Thank you sir”

“Sir?” Please can we cut out formalities for tonight please?

Let me leave y’all to complete setting up the food, Mrs Randy said as she strolled away to the kitchen, with Kemi hopping after her, saying in an affectionate way, “mum do you need anything?”

Taking a step back, as her eyes widened, Mrs Randy tried to find the right words to use, stutered, “This is strange, you are always busy”

“Mummy now, small help o. Do you need anything sha?”

“Just your company, Mama Asirat would do the bulk of the work, she should even be done in a bit”


Kayode and Tolani were engrossed in talks while they discussed the Greene series characters, telling how exciting they are, with Kayode nodding as she speaks while he starred at her wondering if he could see into her soul.

Should he gather up courage and tell her now? They were just getting to have some Chemistry atleast? But chemistry? Isn’t it just right for him to calm and watch it unfold? But there might be some guy wanting to hook up like himself. He was lost in his thoughts as he smiled, his lips parting unconsciously starring at her.

“Kayode!” His mum called him as he snapped out of his thoughts with Tolani sliding him a guarded look wondering what was wrong with him. Weren’t they just in a conversation? Why the snap?
Just then her phone buzzed, and checking through she realised it to be a text from Jerry. It read, “Hey, trust you’re having a great time at your friend’s. Sending love.”

She clicks tongue, “Abeggi, she isn’t going to allow herself be used by this guy” as she hibernates her phone.

Then her phone buzzes again as she checks who it was to realise it to be an email from Jimi Solade. Oh, wow! This guy, she thought as she smiled opening the mail. It read:

“Hello Tolani,

Thank you for always! My blog is making real progress. I’d always be glad for your help. I binged your blog and loved how you reply comments, wanted to ask if there’s a defined way to be professional in replying readers.

Jimi Solade”

Just then she heard her name as she turned her neck to see who it was to realise it to be Kayode’s mum, Kayode and Kemi who called her in unison. Unconsciously her mouth fell open at how cutely dressed they were. From Kayode in a black turtle neck, blue blazzer on jeans with a black Chelsea boot to match. She wouldn’t lie, he looked amazing! To Kemi standing besides him in a red dress revealing her curves with a red shoe to match. Mummy Kayode also wasn’t bad. Her red gown was stunning

Smiling, as she stood up, all these for her?

They all settled to sit, as Mrs Randy started, “You’re welcome to our home, Tolani. Thank you for honouring our invite.”

“Aha, don’t mention it ma.

Kemi rising up from her sit, chuckling, said, “Mommy, stop all those formal things joor, let me go play some gbedu!”

Tuning on the huge mp3, she turned to Tolani, as she asked, “Tolani, you are the guest. What’s your music taste in 4 artists?”

“Haha” She laughed, “I don’t have a favourite as such. But let’s go. I listen to lots of Lauren Diagle, Simi, Don Williams and let’s say erm, Kenny Rogers”

“Awwwn, you also listen to Don Williams?”

Just then Kayode phone rang as he checked who it was realise it to be Chike. He stood up to pick up, while he walked up the hall way to make his call. Sliding the recieve call option, he said into the phone, “Hello Chike”

“What’s up guy?” Chike asked, “So have you told her?”

“Told who guy?” He said laughing.

“That Tolani babe now, thought you said Kemi invited for a dinner. Omo, guy you dey dull oh”

“Guy, sincerely I no fit. I really don’t want it to turn out bad.”

“Okay guy, do you love this Tolani babe?”

“Yes, I love Tolani” He said as affection glowed his eyes to a line etching between his eyebrows at the sight of Tolani walking into the walkway.

“Did she hear that?” He muttered under his breathe as he ended the call.



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Yayyy! It’s a little past TOLANI o’clock!💃💃

I’m really sorry for the late update. School’s taking a greater part of my time than it used to, but better late than never, yeah?🤗

Here you have it! TOLANI EPISODE 29!🤩🤸‍♂


Searching for her contact on his contact list, he clicked. Oh, wow. She’s online. But he soon makes a rethought. What if it doesn’t go well? She just might not be in the right mood, you know? C’mon, isn’t it just an hello text from a colleague. You must be kidding, she’s gotten hints already bro.

As he ponders with his fingers trembling on his device, he was shot out of his reverie by a friendly shout of his name, “Kayode!”

Turning his neck to see who it was as he jolted out in fright to realise it to be Chike.

Smacking his head lightly, “Chike what’s it now? Is something wrong with you?”

“Nothing is wrong with me.” He said laughing as he bent down, peering at his phone illuminating in the dark, “Oshey, Tolani! That’s our new babe shey?”

“I go dek you now” He laughed, toggling out of the chat as he opened the door of his car, pushing it open with his weight.

“You wan dek your senior bro?”

“Who be senior bro?” He guffawed as they shook hands, making clap sounds.

“That one no fit change now, so what’s up my Gee?” He said as they strolled up the entrance of the restaurant.

“Na you sabi oh” Kayode teased as they settled to sit on a table of two.

“So who be that babe? Na only Lois I sabi” Chike makes a funny look as he slides him a guarded look.

“Guy, wetin dey do you now?

“hehe, them don catch person mumu button oh” Chike said laughing as he drummed his fingers on the table.

“Alaye, abeg abeg” Kayode said laughing, “She’s a colleague in the workplace sha”

“Oya hin twist to English on top say hin dey introduce babe” His chuckle was light, with a touch of amusement at the matter, “Same way Lois was your Colleague shey?”

“Guy, there’s nothing romantic between me and this babe, and I was never with Lois either, when did I even mention Lois to you sef?”

“Oya lie more.”

“Chike please.” Kayode laughed smacking his head lightly, “Now, I’m being sincere, I wasn’t into Lois. I remember telling of the bump kiss. I wasn’t interested so..”

“So what now? You weren’t sincere before shey?”

Sitting up, he started, “I was never with Lois and I am not with Tolani either”

“Kayode when did you start being secretive now? Do you like this Tolani?”

Chuckling he said, “Okay, that was a catch, I like her sha”

“Now you are talking. Have you told her?”

“Guyyyyy” Kayode laughed.

“Don’t guy me abeg. You like her shey? Have you told her?”

“No, wetin dey do you guy?”

“Kai. After all the trainings, na so you go miss that babe. You think say na only you dey eye her?”

“What’s wrong with you Chike?”

“Me wanting to see you experience Love is wrong with me Kayode” He said grinning.


“So man up guy, tell her. Hit up necessary conversations, no dey do like JJC”

While they conversed, Chike soon heard his name which got him startled, as he turned his neck to see who it was. He couldn’t find anyone familiar until he heard his name again, jumping up his seat as he saw him. It was his younger cousin Jerry.

They shook hands firmly and hugged each other as they squealed and yelled in excitement. Grabbing a chair from a close by table, Chike made him seat. He hasn’t changed a bit. His fake calm face with his square rimmed glasses resting on his nose ridge.

“How are you doing?” Chike said in a friendly way, “It’s been a while. Are you still in this Lagos?”

“I am good bro. I still dey here o” He said as he adjusted his glasses.

“So what brought you here? Came on a date?”

“Came to chill as you came to do oh. Self date this time. Want to clear my head off work for a bit”

“Oshey! Senior Techie” Chike hyped, “So meet my friend Kayode, you should have met him once.”

“Oh, yes, seems like, but that’s a long time now” He said as he peered at him,

“Hey Mr Kayode” He greeted in faked British accent.

“Hey Mr Jerry” Kayode replied back in a clean British accent as they all bursted out in laughter.

“So what’s up Jerry? How have you been?”

“Been good oh. We dey try thrive for this naija.”

“Oshey. Your babe nko? Tiara.”

“Oh, that one. We’re not together anymore.”

“Guy, when you go settle? How many relationships since last year now.”

“Egbon, it isn’t like that oh. I just haven’t found my own. I think I have now sha, e still dey in the works.”

“Boboyi sha”

While they talked Kayode soon decided to text Tolani. Typing, “Hello” he toggled out of the chat to his gallery to wile time away as he wasn’t interested in the discussion Chike and Jerry were having. Checking through, he took in sight of one of his dad’s pictures in suit. Starring as he rubbed his thumb on his phone’s screen across his dad’s face, he felt heaviness in his heart. Mumbling under his breathe, he said to himself, “I would make you proud Dad”

“Hey Kay, you seem disconnected” Chike said to Kayode as he noticed him starring at his phone looking downcasted.

“Oh no, I am good” He was startled, “For reals, I am good.”

“I hope you are, but we’d sure talk about it later. So myself and Jerry were arguing on if this Greene series is that good. You writer sir, help us look into this matter.”

Bursting into an hysterious laughter, he said, “So what do you want me to say about that one now? Everyone says it’s so good but I feel it’s really hyped though, or what do you think?”


Rolling from one side of the bed to the other as she snoozed her squeaking alarm. It was 7:30pm already. Her 1 hour, 30 minutes nap was over. She’d to get on to complete work on the new short story idea she was working on and also check out the screenwriting materials a friend sent.

Rising up from her bed she picked her phone and switched on her data connection to messages buzzing her phone. Checking through she peeped a text from Kemi, “Hyyy”

Clicking through, she typed, “Hellooo” as she placed a hand on her heart.

“How are you?” Kemi had replied almost immediately.

Smiling, as she tucked a lock of hair under her ear, she replied, “I am good, just woke up. What about you?”

“I am good too. Very much better” She replied.

Then added, “Was thinking if you’ve gotten plans for the weekend?”

“Oh, not really”

“I was thinking of you coming for lunch at my place with my mum and Bro Kay.”

“Awww, oh really?”

“Yes, sure”

Typing as she crossed her ankles in front of her, “Yayy, I’m up.”

“I haven’t told them sha, but they would definitely love it”

“Awwn, I feel honoured”

“Lmao, this isn’t a formal conversation now” She texted, to Tolani replying with laughing emoticons.

Just then a call from Chinyere rang into her phone as she slid the receive call option.


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Yayyy! It’s TOLANI o’clock!💃💃

Late Update. Please forgive me.

So yess. Drum rolls. Pots clash. It’s TOLANI EPISODE 28!


Ending the call, Jerry toggled to his Whatsapp to see if Tolani had replied him as he gaped, on realising his message was read without being replied. Ouch! He got ignored!

Omo, this babe dey use me form sha. Shey me wey everybody dey go gaga upon. He thought, as he gave himself a look on his phone’s glass, lick-smacking his lips and burying his fingers into his hair.

Or perhaps she was busy as he earlier thought, a little patience wouldn’t kill, right? Besides that she actually looked as though she was trying to mask her interest in him during their first meet, so let’s take it as she trying hard to get.

He put his phone down to continue work on his laptop. Just then his phone buzzed as he took a look, to see a debit alert text from his bank.
Oh, these folks, it’s really high time I changed my bank, cause what’s this nonsense? Alert jus dey show after hin don spend money finish.

In splint seconds, his phone buzzed again, and taking a look he realised it to be a text from Tiara. Oh this babe, what does she want again? He let out a huge breath as he flipped his phone accross the table hoping to read the text later.


In no time she was done with Mr Kayode. Rising to leave, Mr Kayode peered at her lustfully, his heart thumping, as he watched her sashay out of his office.

Closing the door behind her, she remembered her phone buzzed while meeting with Mr Kayode so she checked for the notification only to take in sight of Jerry’s text. Placing her hand on her chest as she skimmed, her lips slowly curved into a smile as she got a warm fuzzy feeling.

Smacking her head slightly, she gave herself a rethought, “Tolani, don’t fall to this guy’s playboy tricks oh”

“C’mon, he’s just being nice, can’t someone be nice again without something attached?”

Strolling up her office, she decides to reply later as a thought soon struck her mind to play a trick on Fatimah on reaching her office’s entrance.

Knocking the door, to a ‘Who’s there’ reply from Fatimah, she replied, faking a masculine voice, “Yes, it’s me darling”

Guffawing, Fatimah said as she clutched her chest to catch her breathe, “Tolani, come in joor, something must be wrong with you”

Laughing hard as she sauntered in, she yelped out, “So you can’t pretend to follow shey?”

“I was actually going to be tricked until I remembered my boyfriend travelled on an official assignment”

“Oshey, wahala for who no get boyfriend oh”

“Tolani abeggg” Faitmah said admist chuckles as she continued back to working on her laptop, “So how was the meeting?”

“It was fine, really fine. Mr Kayode’s pose still amazes me. God I need that kind strength in this life abeg.”

“Hehe, you know he is single shey?”

“What am I saying? What are you saying?”

“You know what I am saying” Fatimah said giggling as she tucked a lock of hair under her ears.

“Na you sabi”

“Ehen ehen Babe, I need new book recommends oh. Just completed my list for last year”

“Oshey, what genre?”

“You know my spec now, thrillers, romance, and self help. I don’t mind trying something new too oh”

“Oh oh, have you read all of Ludlum’s?”

“Humm, virtually all.”

“Which is virtually again? I would send you a list of his books on Whatsapp now, so you see which of his books you haven’t read.” Tolani went on, “I trust you to have read all of Adichie’s too”

“You must be shocked I haven’t read Half of a yellow sun”

Screaming on top of her lungs, Tolani said, “Whattttt? Are you serious now?”

“So it that why I am shouting?”

“Yes, of cause. You just dissapointed me!”

“Oya sorry”

“Please read that first oh, I would send you a list of other books too. I have been reading Christian romance lately, you would love it”

“Oh, really?”

“I don’t recommend average stuff, you know?”

“Well, I am expecting your list” Fatimah said as she resumed work on her laptop.

Toggling to Whatsapp, Tolani remembered she hasn’t replied Jerry’s text. Rubbing her forehead, she imagined how pissed he must have felt on having his goodwill message go read without being replied. She rush-typed: Hey Jerry, I’m really sorry about the late reply, got hooked up that I forgot to reply. Thank you so much for your kind words, they blessed my heart. Thank youuu.”

Then she clicked send.


His phone buzzing, as his phone illuminated on the table, he picked it up to see Tolani’s reply. Oh, he thought as much, she must be busy. His charm’s on the go!
Crossing his legs in front of him, he typed, “Don’t mention it,i’m glad it blessed your heart” clicked send, and toggled to his playlist and clicked play Marcus Miller’s Trip Trap, rolling his shoulders to the rhythm with his hands placed on his laps.

Soon getting back to work, his phone buzzed again, and picking up his phone to see a text from Tiara.
He smacked his head, “Oh, this woman”


Finally almost reaching his editing goal for the day, Kayode took a peep at the wall clock to realise the time to be 3 minutes past 2.

Wheww! Oh perhaps he gets it completed at home, he’d at least done so much today. He sure deserves a pat on his stressed aching back.

Just then, a knock went on his door, and raising his chin, he said, “Come in” as Lois sashayed in all dressed in a pink blouse and black pants with matching black heels.

“Hey Lois” Kayode said in a level way as he rose up his seat, “What’s up?”

“Nothing really, just came to update you on the Mr Kings editing project” She replied in a friendly fashion as she felt her breathe hitched for him.

“Oh, that can wait till tomorrow” Kayode replied in simple directness, “It’s 2 already”

“Owk sir, I was also thinking if we could hang out this weekend, alongside my Coz Mabel”

Taken in a shock, he slid her a guarded look, afterwards faking a smile as he replied, “Hang out? Would check through my schedule anyways”

He really has to be wary of this girl, he thought to himself as she strolled out of his office.
She seems to want to use Mabel get into him, he could see the desperation glaring since the kiss.
He’d told her, they take it as though nothing happened between them.

Just then, his phone rang as he got snapped out of his reverie, and on checking for the caller ID he realised it to be Chike. Sliding up the receive call option, he said into the phone as he let out a huge breath, “Hello brother”

“Hey man, you sound tired”

“Oh mheen, I am actually tired”

“Oh, I even called to ask if we could chill out the night”

“Oh really? On a Monday night?”

“Nothing much, we just go eat and talk, you don’t want to? We haven’t had so much time to talk.”

“Alright, I’m in”

“So King and Queens by 8pm, yeah?”


Swerving across Kings and Queens’ parking space as he brought his car to a halt, he grabbed his phone as he dialed Chike’s number.

“Hello Chike” He said in a friendly manner, “What’s up guy? Are you there yet?”

“I’m sorry guy, I’m still on my way”

“Guy, you have started again with your lateness. This is 7pm already.”

“Na me you dey follow use English for shey?”

“Guy, how am I even sure you aren’t still at home?

“I have left home now, I would be with you in a bit, it’s the usual Lagos traffic” He laughed, “Oh, yeah, I just got out”

“I am here outside the eatery sha.” Kayode said as he ended the call and toggled to his Whatsapp, as he thought to text Tolani, “Hello” so perhaps they get to spark a friendship.


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See you next Wednesday and please don’t forget to share.❤

Love and Peace❤
Blalock Writes


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